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Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Does electrolysis work?
A- Absolutely. Electrolysis is the only method approved by the FDA
for permanent removal of unwanted hair. As the hair is treated, regrowth is prevented rather than just removed temporarily. Only electrolysis provides both hair removal and hair elimination.

Q- Will electrolysis work for me?
A- Almost certainly. Electrolysis is effective for all skin types, hair types, skin colors, hair colors, and areas of the body. For more information, see our Electrolysis Solutions area.

Q- What is the science behind electrolysis?
​A- A small electric current is transmitted by a fine, sterile probe (or needle) directly into the natural opening of the hair follicle, destroying the dermal papilla, the matrix, and an area called "the bulge", all of which cause hair to grow and regenerate. Learn more about how electrolysis works.

Q- Why do people get electrolysis hair removal?
A- Maybe it's just an unwelcome maintenance routine that takes a lot of time, but often, unwanted hair creates self-consciousness serious enough to impair relationships with other people. If unwanted hair gets in the way of your confidence, social life, work, sports, schedules or even self-expression, this is your opportunity to act.

​Q- Does electrolysis have any side effects on the skin?
A- Immediately following treatment, there may be a temporary redness or tenderness, which varies with each individual. The latest technology has made electrolysis more comfortable and effective than ever before. Your electrologist will provide you with post treatment instructions and any personal attention you may need. You are assured of the best care from a skilled hair removal professional. Learn more about how electrolysis works.

Q- Should I be clean shaven prior to coming to my Appointment?
A- No. In order for me to remove your hair, I must be able to grab it with forceps. If you happen to shave, be sure you allow 2-3 days of hair growth prior to your scheduled appointment.

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